Welcome to the b! more (in your) life Site. We at GLOBALJET are excited to help you “enhance your culture” by teaching you ways to b!~more in your life. As you explore the four pillars of EDUCATION, COMMUNITY, MENTORSHIP, and PARTNERSHIP, it is our desire that you will become inspired to change yourself and the culture in which you live, work, and play so that you can maximize the important things in your world.

Through the use of uplifting stories, testimonials, and anecdotes, you can learn how others like you are expanding their horizons to enhance their quality of life through the four pillars. There will be training and learning opportunities, announcements of free and paid presentations (MREs), aviation-related outreach, and reports from employees of GLOBALJET in what they are doing to improve their quality of life and those around them.

COME – be part of the movement to “enhance your culture, b!~more”.