Stop, Breathe, and Think

Living in a “now, now, now” society, where expectations for instantaneous gratification is high, it is easy to get frustrated when a simple issue becomes a monumental problem. Emotional outbursts are never the solution to the problem. In those moments of unexpected difficulties, it is best to “Stop, Breathe, and Think”. The individual who jumps to unfounded conclusions, usually based on hot-headed responses to a situation, can easily overlook a straightforward answer or create complications that hampers problem solving.

                It is advisable to Stop any action when encountering a new problem. Usually, a recurring issue has an answer that can be reached through education and experience. A new difficulty may require a creative approach or the ability to think outside the box.

                The ability to Breathe helps reduce or remove emotion from the equation. A panicked or hostile outburst often clouds the facts. Negative behaviors also affect the environment, making it difficult for others to assist in creating a solution. A calm demeanor allows open communication, which invites inventive alternatives to overcome hurdles. To reduce frustration, it is important to develop options and be part of a community that will help provide the needed education to subdue conflicts. Whether in the workplace or at home, cultivate an environment filled with solutions and possibilities.

                Think can be broken down into two parts: observation and exclusion. In mathematics, a linear equation is the most direct line to an answer. Yet, this answer is based on ability assets and elimination of variables that do not aid in defining a solution. Logical systematic thinking (troubleshooting) requires going through the “A-B-Cs” of a problem and tracing the failure to its source. In most technical or mechanical machinery, when there is an issue, the “A” would be, “Does the machine have power?” Whether it is an automobile or a high-tech aircraft, an “A” would be an observation in the sequence of questions in discovering the root cause for an engine that does not start. If that is not the issue, then move onto the next. Everyone has a baseline knowledge that helps us make routine observations regarding most problems.

The most important part of solving any problem is to not be ignorant of things that are part of your world. An ounce of education and familiarization brings a wealth of quick and easy solutions to mundane problems. Whenever possible, find ways to broaden your knowledge in linear thinking and troubleshooting; it will increase confidence and decrease annoying troubles.

So, the next time you encounter a frustrating issue, remember to “Stop, Breathe, and Think”.

Maintenance Conference MC 2019


The 2019 Maintenance Conference was a spectacular show. One of the biggest highlights for us was the John Rahilly Memorial Scholarship presentation. Linda, Christopher, and Jeffery Rahilly, along with JD McHenry, presented W. Christopher Stanford (student) with the award designated for future A&P technicians. With a record attendance of 1,300 to the conference, GLOBALJET presented a segment of their professional development training to an enthusiastic breakout session group. As usual, NBAA’s efficiency enhanced the show by allowing B2B networking to happen smoothly. At the end of the three-day event, many of the attendees walked away enlightened and well-informed about opportunities to build their business and careers. Overall, it was a beneficial experience.