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As part of the b!~more campaign, GLOBALJET teamed up with 4-Imprint to assist a women’s shelter in Hartford, CT. GLOBALJET’s volunteers provided and packaged personal care kits for displaced women and families, using multi-purpose tote bags contributed by 4-Imprint. Along with the kits, educational materials were donated by local libraries. The b!~more campaign emphasizes Education, Community, Mentorship, and Partnership as important pillars to promote self-reliance and encourage individual worth so that you can “enhance your culture.” Life changing improvements start with you.

GLOBALJET also sponsors the John F. Rahilly Scholarship for Aircraft Technicians working toward their A&P Certificate. Donations can be submitted through the NBAA scholarship fund.


When creating a winning team, no matter the job field, it is important that the training provided is consistent and comprehensive. It is equally important that the student understand his or her role in the instruction being presented.

Author David Maraniss, in his book, When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi, explains the fundamental teaching strategy that Coach Lombardi used to lead the Green Bay Packers to five NFL Championship wins within seven years.

At the beginning of each training camp, the coach would introduce the team of seasoned athletes to football with these four simple words: “This is a football.” He talked about the size, its stitching, and the material it is made of. Then, starting at page one in the playbook, the coach covered the fundamentals of football, the size of the playing turf, the basic technics of blocking, and tackling. As professionals, it was incumbent for the players to curb their egos and be attentive during training, gleaning aspects that would improve their individual approaches to their roles in each play of the game.

For aviation personnel, whether you have been in the industry one day or are a Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award recipient, these simple technics can help you and your team get the most out of studying the fundamentals of aircraft maintenance on your airplane.

  1. Appreciate the value that your employer is investing in you by supporting the training. Sometimes training is viewed as a negative, an obligation rather than an opportunity to review fundamentals or advance the entire team, not just the individual taking the class. Educational costs are essential to cultivating a career in any field. Show your gratitude by not squandering the opportunity.
  2. Want to be there. Mentally prepare yourself for the instruction. Aviation maintenance training is knowledge handed from one skilled professional to the next. A proper attitude helps in comprehending the technical content. Do the basics: get your rest so that you are alert and attentive.
  3. Be an active participant who is willing to share. Everyone has experiences that are valuable in the classroom. Sharing and discussing situations that take place in and out of the hangar benefits all, so that a solution can be discovered and implemented.
  4. Be assertive! Just be polite and respectful. Create conversations that allow everyone in the room to hear a different view than the instructor’s. It is important that everyone learns something new – even the instructor. New work-related observations, techniques, troubleshooting, and methods of repair only enhance the fundamentals. Disagreement helps improve training and instructional material.
  5. Cut the cord. Whether it is your phone, a fellow employee, or issues on the job, keep your head in the game. Make the time in the classroom the most important thing happening in your life at that moment so that you can be fully engaged.

From Coach Lombardi’s phrase “This is a football” to your instructor’s introduction of “This is an airplane”, it is crucial to know what is important to you and the team. Create expectations and find ways to meet them. Reviewing the fundamentals will help you b~more in life.