About Us

The “b!” campaign is sponsored by GLOBALJET. Our desire is to help those in and out of the aviation community to become “more” in their life. The goal is to show that we are a traditional learning institution grounded on delivering education that is multi-generational.

Our Vision is:

Motivate and inspire workforce talent to achieve a higher sense of fulfillment.

Our mission is:

Allow all economic stakeholders to realize greater total fulfillment through education, strategic mentorship/partnerships and community exchanges.

There are four pillars that reinforce our Vision and Mission.

(EDUCATION)      Find educational opportunities that stimulate personal and mental growth, while assisting in career advancement.

(COMMUNITY)     Look for and provide trust based on integrity, concern for others, and empathy for those that need resources to succeed. Participation is the key.

(MENTORSHIP)   Be part of the multigenerational exchange of knowledge, while drawing on the wealth of experiences that already exist.

(PARTNERSHIP) Provide encouragement and reinforcement, solve shared concerns, and reach both individual and group goals.

GLOBALJET is an On-Location Aviation Maintenance Training company, with a focus of Raising Standards in the Aviation Community.